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Beginner/Fencing Introduction

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What do you need for fencing introduction

The fencing beginner class offers an introduction to the sports of fencing. 

This class is suitable for 7-12 years old students.

Group session focus on the physical training, building foundations of the sports, and introduction of basic fencing skills and electronic bouting. Fencing gears can be provided, students are required to purchase their own fencing gears after 1 term.

This session is ongoing, students can stay in this level from 1 term to up to 1 year until they can move to the next level.

What need to bring

Student will need to wear comfortable sporting clothes and shoes, and a drink bottle. We will provide all the fencing equipments.


Student needs to arrive 10-15 minutes earlier to complete any paperwork and waiver, also we need to get to know you before the lesson starts.

After the beginner class

Student can join intermediate classes. They must be able to do the exercises and footworks, get dressed quickly and connect to the electrical scoring machines on their own. 

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