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Elite fencing training is when fencers are ready to move to the next level of class. This session is suitable for the students who is 9 yrs old and older,  Fencing competition normally starts from this level, there are school, state, national and international levels, we are encourage our students to attend competitions.

fencing training

What's include in elite class

  • Casses are weekly 1.5 hour classes following NSW school term, normally  for 10 weeks. Classes are offered from Monday to Saturday, students can choose to take 2-4 classes each week.

  • Classes are intended to be intensive, skill focused and get fencers ready for the competition.

  • The class is structured and includes warm-ups, physical training, fencing footworks, fencing specific drills, electric bouting and mini comps.

  • The class teaches more advanced fencing techniques and tactical skills.




Intermediate program improves overall fitness, including aerobic ability, strength, coordination, speed and agility.


Competition and Mental Skills

Our intermediate program helps children with building mental toughness, increase self-confidence, discipline and self-esteem, improves focus and concentration, and reduce stress.


Social and life skills

Helps develop social skills, building friendships, teamwork and sportsmanship. It also teaches planning and strategy.

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