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Check out our fencing lessons

Discover the dynamic world of fencing with our comprehensive fencing lessons, tailored to enthusiasts of all skill levels. Our classes provide a perfect blend of physical training and strategic thinking, guiding students through the intricate art of swordplay.

What to Expect in Our Fencing Lessons

  • Foundational Skills: Beginners will learn the fundamental techniques of stance, footwork, attacks, and defenses, laying the groundwork for advanced skills.

  • Advanced Techniques: More experienced fencers will refine their techniques, learning complex strategies and movements to enhance their competitive edge.

  • Equipment Mastery: Students become proficient in using the foil, épée, or sabre, each offering a unique fencing experience and set of rules.

  • Personalized Coaching: Our experienced instructors offer personalized guidance, ensuring that each student's individual strengths and areas for improvement

fencing lessons

Ready Class (5-6 Yrs)


Individual Lesson


Open Bouting


Intermediate Class (All age)


Holiday Fencing Camp

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