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Sydney Sabre Program from USA

The Sydney Sabre Program was co-founded by fencing masters Rob Handelman, D.C.,
President of the U.S. Fencing Coaches Association, and Connie Louie, Ph.D., Clinical
Psychologist. They are co-authors of Fencing Sabre: A Practical Training Guide for Coaches,
Parents, and Young Athletes. With years of experience and teaching, they have established an
advanced fencing training system. Impressively, the fencing club affiliated with this program
ranked second in the U.S. sabre medal total in 2022. Due to their outstanding fencing and
academic performances, their students have not only been selected for the U.S. national and
Ivy League teams but also received fencing scholarships from top private schools.

This fencing lessons has ten primary teaching modules, covering dozens of skills, hundreds of
fencing drills, strength and conditioning training, and games. In addition, the program also
covers competition mental training, aspects of becoming a mentally and physically healthy
fencer, and more.


According to Connie, “It has never been the medals but helping guide our
students to be caring, responsible, healthy individuals. Fencing teaches resiliency despite
setbacks, discipline, the demands of hard work, and enhancing social skills, as these are lifelong
positive attributes.”

The Hills Athletic Fencing Club in Sydney, Australia, is honored to collaborate strongly with
masters Rob Handelman and fencing master Connie Louie. And is privileged to introduce the San Francisco Fencing program to Australia.



The beginner class offers an introduction to the sports of fencing. All classes include fast games, functional warm-ups, footwork drills, hand drills, bouting drills, and open bouting, 



The intermediate class delves deeper into the intricacies of fencing. It is designed to build on the foundational skills acquired in the beginner class and to prepare participants for competition.



This class is for 5-6 years old. The class focuses on energetic games to improve speed, eye-hand coordination drills, learning the basic cuts and parries (blocks), and learn the basic rules of fencing. 

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