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Lena Shen

Lena Shen

Sabre Coach at HAFC.

Fencing coach - Lena Shen

Fencing Coach Lena is an esteemed professional with a rich academic background, With approximately a decade of experience in the fencing arena, she dedicated 4 years to teaching fencing in Shanghai and is recognized as a second-level athlete in China. Lena's accolades in fencing are noteworthy: she won a bronze in the 2009 Shanghai Fencing Final Competition (saber), a gold in the 2010 Shanghai Fencing Championship, a bronze in the 2014 Shanghai Mingyue Competition (epee), and a silver in the 2014 Shanghai Fencing Championship. Her linguistic prowess is evident in her fluency in English, German, and Mandarin, and she is also conversationally proficient in Korean. Lena's personal journey in fencing began at 10, and despite initial challenges due to her height, her passion and commitment to the sport saw her clinch a third-place win in her first competition just six months into training. By her second year, she had earned her first gold medal. Lena credits fencing for molding her into a more independent and confident individual, leaving a lasting impression on her character that has influenced various facets of her life.
She is also holding a Master's degree in Interpreting and Translation (English to Mandarin) from Western Sydney University and a Bachelor's degree in German Language from Shanghai International Studies University.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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