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fencing coach: Connie Louie

Fencing coach: Connie Louie, Ph.D., Maître de Sabre
Dr. Connie Louie was a competitive fencer in foil for 16 years. She has trained with the French national team and has competed internationally. Dr. Louie was also a member of the US Olympic Training Squad for three years and fenced with the US Women’s Foil Team in Europe. She placed 4th individually in the 1981 Nationals and captain of the 2nd place team. In 2006, Dr. Louie received her Moniteur certificates in both foil and sabre, in June 2009 her Prévôt certificate in sabre, and Feb 2013 her Maître in sabre from the US Fencing Coaches Association.
Dr. Louie earned a doctorate degree in clinical psychology in 1994 and is a clinical psychologist specializing in sports psychology.
She is a co-author of two fencing texts that are both used to train coaches in the US,  Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and fencers all over the world - Fencing Sabre: A Practical Training Guide for Coaches, Parents and Young Athletes (2010 & 2015 2nd ed.) and Fencing Foil: A Practical Training Guide for Coaches, Parents and Young Athletes (2014).
While serving in Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom 2011-2012, Captain Louie, Army psychologist, taught sabre to soldiers. The classes helped soldiers stay fit and uphold their fighting spirit.


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