Hills Athletic Fencing Club was designed to create the sort of environment we felt we would like for our own children and family.  

Our enrichment fencing programs help develop concentration, listening skills and decision making. It provides opportunities for sharing ideas and experiences, teamwork and helping build self-confidence. We can foster a life-long love for sports.


HAFC is not just a fencing club, it’s a sword combat and fitness family for all. From beginner to elite national champions, with a mutual respect and bond connection.


At HAFC, students respect and help each other, it’s about developing self-discipline and focus,


HAFC values that its' founder, Angie Zhao, who was inspired by ancient Chinese swords martial arts, combined with the modern sports of fencing,  believes the value of HAFC will help students in every aspect of their everyday life.






HAFC is a social community like one big family of fencers from all walks of life. We treat everyone here is treated friendly, doesn't matter you're everyday people or world champion, We're helping each other and looking out for one another. We make everyone feel welcome. At HAFC you’re not joining a just club; you’re joining a supportive family.


Loyalty is important value at HAFC, They include loyalty to your club, friends, and school, respect for your Coach, parents, brothers and sisters, elders and teachers. There is also faithfulness to your class and training, showing up in time, giving 100% effort. Students must never take another’s life unjustly, only in self-defense, and they have to finish what they start.


This means self-respect, knowing that you treat yourself and other people well.  Do not put down people and learn from others.  Remember your training partner is more important than you, never consider you are above anyone else in the gym,we don't accept ego in our club, stay kind, accept things and others without judgment. Because without your training partner you do not have a partner to train with or help you grow


Disciplined is essential to becoming a real fencer. Whether it is sticking to our diet and training routine to achieve your health and fencing goals, Discipline is vital to everything around us. It brings structure and stability to our lives. Without it, everything would be in complete chaos. At HAFC, we maintain discipline by listening to our seniors and coaches who have more experience and can impart with us the knowledge that we need to continue on our path to greatness.


Fitness does not only refer to being physically fit, but also refers to a person’s mental state as well. If a person is physically fit, but mentally unwell, he or she will not be able to function optimally. Mental fitness can only be achieved if your body is functioning well. 


People who are physically fit are also healthier, not only they can do well in the sport but also are able to capable of living life to its fullest extent. In order to maintain a relaxed state of mind, a person should be physically active. A person who is fit both physically and mentally is strong enough to face the ups and downs of life, and is not affected by drastic changes if they take place.