Getting one-on-one attention will show your child the correct way to handle the Sabre, Foil or Epee to give him or her the highest advantage.   During one-on-one lessons, coaches will also give your child individualized exercises and drills that will strengthen the muscles they need to excel in fencing.

In a private lesson, a fencer and coach can work on the tiny details of each technical element:   from the simple basics such as a straight touch to more advanced combinations of complex movements such as multiple parries and attacks.  All these elements are executed in private lessons over and over again and again until they are a natural part of the student’s repertoire.

Instructors will also show the student how to develop his or her own approach and style.  Coaches can help fencers discover what strengths they have and what techniques work best for them.  A coach can also help the student pinpoint their weaknesses on the strip and develop a strategy to counteract them.  Having his or her own style is the mark of a masterful fencer.