After finish with the beginner program, students will move to intermediate program which is a 50 weeks program which are geared geared towards improving our athletes.

Besides continually practice the fundamental core skills and footworks, intermediate program will focus on more advanced technical and tactical skills. such as building powerful, effective attack and defence, distance and timing control, winning priority, electric fencing and competition strategy.


At the same time,  Our intermediate class will include many different activities which are designed to improve strength, speed, coordination, agility, endurance, flexibility and much more in all of our fencers.

Bouting skill including bouting theory and practice.


The classes are versatile, challenging and FUN! Building their character and confidence is a key objective. 

Session duration is 90mins

We recommend student join more than two session per week.

Requirements: Finish 10 weeks beginner program and pass grading

have your own fencing equipments. Attend 3 competitions per year.