2018 Club of the year

No.1 Club in NSW

GP Point reward

The medalist that competed in the 2018 Mini Koala challenge were:

Under 8 Mixed Epee 
Marcus Chheng 5th

Under 10 Boys Epee 
Edwin Matthews 6th

Under 12 Boys Epee 
Richard Windsor 8th

Micheal Tromp 11th

Under 8 Boys Sabre 
Kingsley Zhao Gold
Daniel Ford Silver
Marcus Chheng 5th
Braden Lyu 7th

Under 10 Boys Sabre 
Alex Lette Gold
Luca Macedo Bronze

Under 12 Boys Sabre
Alex Lette 8th

Under 12 Girls Epee 
Cheelyn Wang 7th

Under 8 Girls Sabre 
Evalynn Wang Bronze

Under 10 Girls Sabre 

Under 12 Girls Sabre 
Zara DJAMIRZE Bronze