Elite Profession Squad Team

Our squad classes is a special high performance trainning session for the top fencers in the club who regularly compete.

In this class, fencers will be introduced to more sophisticated fencing skills using tactical and strategical goals.


Each fencer will have individualised attention tailored to work on their weaknesses and improve their strengths. This class is more intense and prepares students for competitions.

Bouting Skills, including bouting theory and practice, improve the overall bouting ability.


These classes emphasises not just on technical or tactical work but all intense physical conditioning using specialised sports performance training and techniques.


Team members will be invited by the fencing manager and coaches only, Most fencers in this class compete regularly at a state level or above.


Team members are expected to train at least 3 times per week and participate in 2-3 private lessons with head coach.


They represent HAFC at the highest level in various competitions.