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2023 Training Schedule

Term date

The standard beginner and intermediate program follows NSW public school term schedule. On public holidays, there are no classes, and enrolment fees are always changed to account for the sessions missed due to public holidays. Each term's first date is always a Monday, and its last date is always a Sunday.

We accept student throughout the term, if you missed the start of a term. We might still be able to take your enrolment. Term fees are calculated based on how many classes are left in the term.

Term 1

10 weeks

30 Jan - 9 Apr

Term 2

10 weeks

24 Apr - 1 Jul

Term 3

10 weeks

17 Jul - 23 Sep

Term 4

10 weeks

9 Oct - 16 Dec

Book a Trial/Fencing Introductory Class $40

2023 Term 1 training

Please contact us if you want to book more than one class.We're offering discount for booking more than one classes. 

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