Our Beginner Junior Fencing Program is a 10-11 weeks program specifically designed for learners who don't have fencing experience before to help them develop strength, coordination, balance and flexibility as well to improve their focus, self-discipline, respect and to develop self-confidence! 

Students will have chance to try two weapons ( Sabre and Epee) and learn the difference between each weapon.

Students will be taught correct position, fencing techniques, footwork, sword works and good sportsmanship.

Students are taught the sport of fencing in a safe, positive, respectful and fun environment.

Our goal is to not only build a strong fencing foundation but to build a love for the sport.  Equipment is provided for the beginner (only for a limited time).

Class duration is 60mins















After beginner sessions, students wishing to continue to refine their fencing skills and knowledge can join the development sessions.


During the development session, student will start introducing the electric bouting/competition and students will learn the basic bouting skills.

Session duration is 60-90mins 

We recommend student join more than two sessions per week.