Is Fencing Good Exercise for Adults Weight Loss?


Are you looking for a fresh new way to spice up your workout routine? You can take a fencing class to lose weight and slim down, Many people are surprised to find out that fencing is good exercise. 

Calories Burned During a Fencing Workout

You've probably seen fencing during the Olympic Games. When you watch fencing on television it may not seem like the athletes are working very hard. But they are.

On average, a woman burns about 400 calories per hour while participating in a fencing workout or match. Surprised? Many new fencers are amazed at how intense the movement can be during a match. But keep in mind that you probably won't participate in a match for a full 60 minutes.

In addition to burning calories, fencing provides other fitness benefits as well. It can provide cardiovascular, strength, and even mental training benefits.  "Fencing is a great exercise. While it's certainly a lot of fun, it is also a great way to burn calories and build up your endurance.